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The Client

WorldBridgE Commerce was a brand new technology company focussing on eCommerce, online retail, and business process outsourcing.

They had large ambitions and they chose Whisper & Company as their design and technology partner to support them every step of the way.

The Challenge

Whisper & Company was tasked to create the full brand for this new startup, and also to develop a flagship website to serve as the hub for all customer information and services.

While WorldBridgE Commerce was a new startup, we still had to consider that they are part of the larger WorldBridge International Group, and so there were multiple stakeholders with interests in this project.

The largest challenge was taking the existing WorldBridge brand, and modifying it so that we had something unique and fresh, while still paying homage to the larger holding company.

Our Approach

We decided to iterate through variations as quickly as possible, so that the multiple stakeholders could find elements which they loved and agreed on, and then we could combine those elements to create a beautiful brand.

We ended up creaing over 250 variations in a two week period, and we've selected some the client's final picks below.

The Results

In just two weeks, Whisper & Company managed to create a full brand identity and gave this new venture the best possible start.

A few weeks later, we then launched their beautiful mobile-responsive website which is now managed by their in-house technical team.

WorldBridgE Commerce have since grown from strength to strength and employee over 60 staff. At Whisper & Company, we love to see our clients grow from strength to strength, and we are there to support them every step of the way.

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