Whisper & Company

High End Showroom Rebranding

Whisper & Company were tasked with the rebranding of The Piano Shop Cambodia, a leading high end piano showroom. 

 The Challenge

The need for the rebrand was that the current logo was too abstract, and wasn’t instantly recognisable to anyone who isn’t musically inclined. 

The main challenge for Whisper & Company was trying to capture the musical essence, while creating a beautiful brand that was clear enough for anyone to understand, but staying within clear creative limitations that the brand needed to be extremely clear. 

The Approach

We took an iterative approach to the design process, and we also decided to include some abstract design directions to see if there was any possibility of keeping that idea alive. 

Here are some of our favourites:

The Result

The final result is a beautiful and functional brand, that clearly communicates the product, while still keeping the high end feel. 

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