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Fashion eCommerce Website Development

This was the smallest (or should that be the most "boutique") project that we've ever undertaken. This case study highlights how even small businesses can have a beautiful and powerful digital presence, without breaking the bank.

The Client

Phnom Boutique is a small fashion boutique that sells and supplies in South East Asia and in Australia. Their materials are sourced locally in Cambodia and the clothes are made in-location.

Phnom Boutique already had a strong typographical brand with an 'Art Deco' look & feel, and so we knew that minimalism was on the cards here.

The Challenge

Whisper & Company was tasked to create an e-commerce ready website to allow customers to browse the stock online and to boost international sales.

Phnom Boutique already had a strong brand and a loyal following, so the work had to follow the clear design direction as set by the current brand identity.

One challenge was that the store is to sell to many different countries, but the client does not have an in-house web team. This made it difficult to create the typical multi-store setup that an international eCommerce website would have as this would have made the digital storefront far too complex to manage.

Our Approach

Our first step was to create a series of beautiful landing pages to start to claim some digital real estate.

We then wireframed through multiple layouts and designs until we came up with a unique and minimalist black-and-white look that was a great fit for the existing brand.

The Results

A Beautiful Fashion eCommerce Website

In the space of a few weeks, Whisper & Company created a new sales channel for a growing business.

Phnom Boutique is now ready to take that next step and sell online, and we wish them the best of luck, and of course we will always be working away behind the scenes to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

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