Whisper & Company

Mascot Character Design

The Client

Maio Mall is now the leading eCommerce platform in Cambodia. They commissioned Whisper & Company to create a character to integrate into the existing brand.

The Challenge

The main challenge in this project was the fact that it was the first time the team had tackled character design, and also that the eCommerce platform was launching in less than six weeks, and so there was some time pressure on the project.

Our Approach

Because this character/mascot was going to play a hugely important part in the marketing campaign of this eCommerce startup, we had to ensure that the design was just right. We choose to quickly iterate dozens of variations daily, sometimes even just as pencil drawings, and work closely with the client team to create the perfect mascot.

Here is a selection of the character designs we created in the two week project.



The Results

A fun eCommerce Robot Mascot!

In the space of a two weeks, Whisper & Company created a fun loving robot that can help bond with new customers.

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