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Online Art Gallery Development & Branding

Whisper & Company were commissioned to create an international online art gallery called lässai to display and sell pieces of art from artists based all over the world.  This included creating the brand as well the online gallery.

The Client

The client was a private collector with a passion for art, who wanted to have a more formal method of selling art than just word of mouth. 

This is another case of a client with no technical team behind them, and so this project required a turnkey solution and direct go-live support.

The Challenge

One of the big challenges during the project was a change of brand direction and name more than halfway through the branding process, which meant that a lot of the work done by the design team had to be scraped. However, they quickly go to work on the new concept and a beautiful brand was quickly created. 

The other challenge was that the client was not one hundred percent sure of exactly what he required to make this a success. 

Our Approach

For the design of the brand, we took our usual approach of iteration, and focussed on bringing many ideas to the table, and then discarding most of them and focusing on the most promising directions.  Here are some of our favourites: 


To overcome the challenge of building something that is uncertain, we took the approach of writing a specification for the project, by going through each feature and asking ourselves the following question: What is the best way this could work for the business? The result was a clear process for sketches, to wireframes, to final design and functionality. 

Here are a few of the initial sketches and wireframes:

The Result

The result is a beautiful, responsive website whose design fades away to showcase the stunning pieces of art listed within it. 

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