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Online Event Booking Website Development

The Client

Cambodia Event Network (CEN) is the leading event website in Cambodia. They have hundreds of members and post events online that members can sign up to and then attend and receive discounts and promotional offers.

The Challenge

CEN had built their previous website and system in-house, and they needed both a facelift and also a faster, leaner, and more agile system to move forwards with their business objectives.

Whisper & Company were tasked with making the event registration process as quick as possible, while still retaining a high of level of flexibility. This was key as each event is unique has different ticketing requirements.

With a small staff, CEN was looking to automate as many processes as possible, including:

  • The creation of a guest list for the event.
  • Reminder emails
  • Event submissions
  • Check-in QR codes that can be scanned by mobile phone and automatically mark the member as having attended the event on the system
  • A detailed reporting system that clearly highlights user behaviour, and the type of events that are the most popular with guests.
  • The seamless transfer of the entire existing database of users from the old system to the new.

Whisper &Company were also taked with rebranding the logo, and creating a beautiful new minimalist website.

Our Approach

The first order of business was to design a new fun, minimalist logo to quickly convery the purpouse and idea of CEN. Our design team came up with a simple and effective idea of having an elegant couple in silhouette form, that give the feeling that they are walking to the only event to be at in town.

Our design team then created multiple variations to be used in different scenarios both online and offline

We then looked at the existing business logic and workflow, and suggested several improvements and simplifications to make it as a simple as possible for the end users to book their favourite event.

We stripped everything away until we came to the conclusion that a minimalist approach would be best, to focus the end of user and increase conversion rates to far above the industry average.

The Results

In the space of one month, Whisper & Company managed to completely reimagine the CEN online presence, and seamlessly switched the old system to the new overnight, and gave all the CEN members a pleasant surprise!

The end result was a signficant increase in the user base, and a much more scalable business model as many of the sytems were now automated. Customer satifcation also increased, and the number of issues and complaints dropped signficantly as the site was so intuitive that users did not need any assistance.

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