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We Don't Ship Junk

Emanuele Faja

We don't do cheap work, and we don't try to compete with other agencies on price, because, to quote Steve Jobs, we "don't ship junk". We build quality products that work.

We simply can't compete solely based on price, because doing so would compromise who we are and what we stand for.

We want to create brands and digital applications that we can be proud of, and that we would enthusiastically use in our own businesses, and that we can recommend to our colleagues, friends, and family.

We always want to do this, and we always want to do it at the lowest possible price bracket possible, to make sure that as many businesses as possible have the opportunity to have an awesome brand, and a state of the art digital strategy, and that as many end users as possible have a unique and positive experience.

However, there are lines that we just cannot cross because of who we are, and because doing so would compromise our very identity. Example of lines we don't cross are the high level of design quality, the amount of time and care that goes into our testing , and our commitment to a transparent and accountable project management approach.

And these are just a few of the internal standards that we have that we simply cannot break because of who we are.

Now, if you compare to our competition, especially in our main market of South East Asia, their pitches and proposals often come between four to ten times cheaper than our pricing range.

Of course, we don't think this is a like-for-like comparison.

In fact, we go as far as thinking that we are actually offering different services. These type companies are offering just design and development work, and are essentially "production shops" that churn out design and code, often with little thought. Of course, there are also agencies in the region doing fantastic work.

We offer an opportunity to better your company, and to work with a team that will make every effort to fully understand your business.

When you compare the true cost of going for a cheaper agency, with the usual time and cost overruns, the extra staff time required, and the final quality of the results, it turns out that often they are actually more expensive that we are.

The difference is that we don't offer stripped down, barebones services and products that need continuous and expensive work to bring to a level where they actually start to add value to your business.

The difference is that we are constantly looking for ways to improve the following:

  • Our Project Management Approach
  • Our Transparency and Accountability
  • Our Design Quality
  • Our Reliability

In just the last two months we have taken the following steps:

  • We have launched a new website that openly shows the latest company statistics pulled live every 15 minutes from Basecamp, our project management application.
  • We have created a status page for our Cloud Server Infrastructure that automatically pulls the logs from our engineers every fifteen minutes so our clients can keep up to date with any schedule maintenance and general works.
  • We've been working on building a support system to integrate into our website to allow customers to flag any issues directly there, without having to pick up the phone or send an email.
  • We've formed a new design team that specifically focusses on wireframes and high fidelity mockups for each project, to make sure that our clients receive a good selection of possible directions that they will love before the core work of the project starts.
  • We've created private pages on our website that allow our customers to see the statistics of their project in real time (refreshed every 15 minutes). This is page they can check at any time to see the amount of work being done by the project team on a day to day basis.
  • We've built a feedback system for design where clients can rate each design from one to five stars, and also leave a comment, and then this is reviewed by the design team directly.
  • And we have got much more in our pipeline for the next year, including the launch of several products, a new datacenter based in Singapore for our Asian customers, and several key hires to further improve our team structure.

    The point being, that this constant improvement is baked into our culture, and yes, it means that we cannot compete with our competitors on price, but on the other hand they also cannot compete with us on quality.

    In the end, the old adage "Your get what you pay for.", rings ever true.

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