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Emanuele Faja

It's incredible how we never have time for ourselves. How the mechanic has a broken car, the painter has unpainted walls at home, how the plumber has leaks in his own home.

At Whisper & Company, we were no different - we had the same landing page as our website since the first month that we started the business. However, as we entered our second year of business, we decided that this had to change, and so a new website was on the cards.

Building our own website was an extremely difficult process because it meant that we have to look at the core of who we are, what we do, and the values we hold. We actually went through a complete rebranding before launching the new website, as we felt we needed a more modern approach.

We then spent around a month designing a new website with lots of bells and whistles, only to scrap the entire design the weekend before the relaunch. We realised that the proposed design made us look like any other digital agency in the world. Sure, we had animations, full screen images, parallax scrolling, and more. But that's not us.

We love simplicty, and that shows in everything we do, so we couldn't bring ourselves to launch a cluttered, complex website, and so we want back to the drawing board.

The real question was: What are visitors of whisperand.co looking for? We came up with the following:

  1. Validation
  2. Potential customers want to know that their digital partner is capable of completing the job properly. As a digital agency, having an impressive website that clearly communicates that we are experts at all things digital, is key.

  3. Information
  4. Clients, leads, prospects, potential hires, all look to the website as a source of information about Whisper & Company. What we've been up to, what type of work we do, the kind of services we offer, our various locations, and so on. Our new website provides just this.

Introducing the New Website

As Creative Director, I am extremely proud of the new website, which is a beautiful showcase of what happens when sharp design is merged with awesome technology.

We kept the underlining structure extremely simple, with a mostly text-only approach, and then we added a few sparkles to show that we are capable of some technological wizardry if we want. This includes the page animations, the menu opening/closing animation, and of course the pulling of live data from our project management application.

We have plenty on the roadmap for the future of whisperand.co, including a support system, live system status updates, server and email login pages, a regularly updated blog, and more.

I'm very excited about what our second year of business will bring, and I hope you'll join us and be part of it. In the meantime, enjoy browsing our new website!

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