Whisper & Company

Extra Security

Emanuele Faja

At Whisper & Company, the security of our clients and their users is of paramount importance, and that's why today we're announcing that our entire network has been upgraded to add an extra layer of security. 

We already employ daily 30 day rolling backups of all files, websites, databases, and emails, and we also enforce regular password changes for all users on the network.

We also keep our email servers, database servers, and web servers completely separate so that one fault will not affect multiple functionalities.

Today our entire network has been placed behind the CloudFlare network (www.cloudflare.com)  to provide us with protection against Denial of Service Attacks, and also to provide an additional WAF (Web Application Firewall) between our network and the end user. 

This also means that all our clients can enjoy free universal SSL encryption at no extra cost. We like to think that this is pretty awesome.

Additionality, we can also configure our client's websites to be cached to over 40 data centre locations worldwide, so that users all over the world can enjoy the best possible user experience.

Of course, this doesn't mean that we're going to become complacent, as network security is only one component of having a secure system, and we're constantly monitoring our own network and practices to make sure we keep everything as safe as it can be.