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Announcing a New Service: Communications

Emanuele Faja

Today we’re happy to announce that we’re launching a new service called “Communications”. 

Since we started operating in mid 2014, we had decided that we would only offer a small selection of services, but to the highest standard. These mostly reflected our in-house skill set, as well as what we were passionate about. The services were:

  • Digital Design 
  • Websites & eCommerce

We’ve not strayed from these two core service offerings, but our clients have been asking for more, they want us to  and so after careful consideration, we’ve launched Communications, a service that will revolutionise how your brand communicates with it’s customers. 

So What is Communications?

We’re keeping the goal behind this service really, really simple. 

To effectively communicate your value to your audience.

That's the key to getting customers to buy, time and time again. Your value proposition needs to be crystal clear, and sometimes that be difficult to achieve with your in-house team, all who are busy doing the actual core work itself.

That’s where we step in.

We’ll embed ourselves into your business for enough time to understand your unique value proposition, and then help shape this proposition to be as appealing to your target audience as possible, so they understand why purchasing will be beneficial to them. 

We’ll take a look at every single way that your brand communicates to it’s customers, from your company brochure, all the way to your email signature and automatic email notifications, so that every interaction that your brand has with it’s customers is beautifully designed, and speaks with one voice, so you can communicate in a way that makes sense to them.

So Communications includes:

  • Marketing Strategy Review
  • Continued Marketing Design
  • Copywriting 
  • Analytics 

Often communications will be a continued service after a brand redesign and website development, to make sure that the message is consistently presented beautifully. as well as being focussed. 

The analytics part is interesting. We’ll help you set up a system to track leads and conversions so that you can actually measure your return on investment of your marketing and advertising spend, as well as your investment in Whisper & Company. 

Start Communicating (To Us)

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